Rent To Own Sheds

Alternative to paying in full or using a credit card.

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Products that Qualify for Rent To Own

*Deliverable Shed

*Deliverable Livestock Building


Features and Benefits of Rent To Own

Fast instant Approval

*Immediate qualification

*As low as $150 security deposit plus first month’s rent to get started

No Credit Check

*Avoid unwanted credit inquiries

*Save credit for when you need it

*Don’t need great credit for rent-to-own

Flexible Payment Options






Affordable Monthly Payments

*Rent To Own storage for about the same cost as renting a storage unit

1 Month Rent To Own agreement

*The initial rental term is 1 month and with each payment made the agreement is automatically renewed

*Return property at any time without penalties

Ownership in 24 months or less

*No penalties to purchase early

*Take advantage of the Early Purchase Option (EPO) and SAVE money on the remaining balance

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